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Chapter 2 How Psychologists Do Research




Question;29. Psychologists use research techniques based;on __________.;a. inductive;reasoning;b. objective;introspection;c. deductive reasoning;d. the scientific;method;30. In an experiment, a researcher manipulates;one variable to see how it affects a second variable. The second variable;which is observed for any possible effects, is called the __________.;a. dependent;variable;b. control;variable;c. independent;variable;d. hypothetical;variable;31. A psychologist, studying pilot trainees;picks a select group of trainees who is hopefully representative of all other;trainees. The group of trainees being studied by this psychologist is;collectively known to researchers as a __________.;a. sample;b. population;c. target;group;d. control;group;32. Expectations by the experimenter that might;influence the results of an experiment or their interpretation are called;a. experimental;blinds;b. experimenter;bias;c. sample;bias;d. treatment;bias;33. In a controlled experiment, the group;subjected to a change in the independent variable is called the;group.;a. independent;b.;experimental;c. dependent;d. control;34. A subset of cases selected from a larger;population is a __________.;a. control;group;b. target;group;c. treatment group;d. sample;35. If explanation of the causes of thoughts;feelings, and behavior is a psychologist's goal, then the __________ method of;research should be used.;a. correlational;b.;experimental;c. survey;d. naturalistic;observation;36. In a controlled experiment, the group not;subjected to a change in the independent variable, and used for comparison with;the group receiving the experimental change, is the __________ group.;a.;independent;b. experimental;c. dependent;d. control


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