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Chapter 2 How Psychologists Do Research




Question;37. In an;experiment, a researcher manipulates one variable to see how it affects a;second variable. The manipulated;variable is called the;a. dependent variable.;b. experimental variable.;c. independent variable.;d. placebo.;38. A group;of students was asked to write an essay in support of the legalization of;marijuana. They were paid $.50. Another group of students received $2.00 for;the same task. It was subsequently found;that those students who received only $.50 developed a more positive attitude;towards the legalization of marijuana.;The experiment in this study was using (the);a. correlational method;b. experimental method;c. naturalistic observation;d. survey research;39. A sample;that does not truly represent the population in question is known as a;sample.;a. random;b. chance;c. biased;d. representative;40. To obtain;objective information, researchers sometimes must deceive their subjects. Ethically, research involving deception must;always _________.;a. pay participants;b. maintain subject anonymity;c. use double-blind control;d. explain the deception to the subjects after the;data are collected and obtain their informed consent to use the information;obtained;41. To;determine if sugar-rich diets affect hyperactivity in kids, a researcher;prepared two daily menus that children would receive for a 30-day period. A high-sugar diet was given to the boys;while the girls had a menu that seemed identical but was not a high sugar diet. At the end of 30 days, the boys and girls;were evaluated to determine their levels of hyperactivity. In the study, the high-sugar diet is the;a. placebo;b. independent variable;c. dependent variable;d. control group;42. Using;both independent and dependent variables is associated with which of the;following types of research used in psychology?;a. experimentation;b. naturalistic observation;c. correlation;d. correlation and experimentation;43.;Manipulating an independent variable in a real-life setting is ________.;a. an experiment;b. an example of naturalistic observation;c. a field experiment;d. unethical;44.;Experimenter bias can best be controlled using ________.;a. a placebo;b. double-blind control;c. randomization;d. subjects who do not know the purpose of the study


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