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Chapter 2 How Psychologists Do Research




Question;74. An;experiment was run in which group A was given 3 minutes to study a word list;while group B was given 10 minutes to study the same list. Later, both groups were asked to recall words;from the list. In this study, the number;of words recalled is the _______.;a. independent variable;b. dependent variable;c. placebo;d. control group;75. Dr. Welsh;is doing experiments using drugs. He is;concerned that his subjects will respond to demand characteristics. He may want to control for this by using;which of the following?;a. stratification;b. two independent variables;c. a placebo;d. randomization;76. Mr.;Marshall hired June to collect data from a group of subjects. Neither June nor the subjects were aware of;the independent variable that Mr. Marshall had manipulated. This is an example of _______.;a. randomization;b. a placebo;c. double-blind control;d. experimenter bias;77. Which of;the following is NOT a strength of the experiment as a research method?;a. Cause-and-effect relationships can be;established.;b. Experimental conditions usually seem realistic to;subjects.;c. Experiments can usually be replicated if the;findings are valid.;d. Variables can be analyzed carefully because of;the degree of control over them.


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