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Question;1. __________ attacks exploit the characteristics;of the algorithm to attempt to deduce a specific plaintext or to deduce the key;being used.;A) Brute-force B);Cryptanalytic;C) Block cipher D) Transposition;2. The __________ was used as the;standard field system by the British Army in World War I and was used by the;U.S. Army and other Allied forces during World War II.;A) Caesar cipher B) Playfair cipher;C) Hill cipher D) Rail;Fence cipher;3. The __________ attack is the;easiest to defend against because the opponent has the least amount of information;to work with.;A) ciphertext-only B) chosen ciphertext;C) known plaintext D) chosen plaintext;4. _________ refer to common two-letter;combinations in the English language.;A) Streaming B);Transposition;C) Digrams D);Polyalphabetic cipher;5. A way to improve on the simple monoalphabetic;technique is to use different;monoalphabetic substitutions;as one proceeds through the plaintext;message. The general;name for this approach is ___________.;A) rail fence cipher B);cryptanalysis;C) polyalphabetic;substitution cipher D);polyanalysis cipher;6. A technique referred to as a __________ is a;mapping achieved by performing;some sort of permutation;on the plaintext letters.;A) transposition cipher B) polyalphabetic cipher;C) Caesar cipher D) monoalphabetic;cipher;7. The methods of __________ conceal the;existence of the message in a graphic;image.;A) steganography B) decryptology;C) cryptology D);cryptography


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