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Chapter 02 Tax Compliance, the IRS, and Tax Authorities




Question;104.;Rebecca is at;a loss. A new tax law was recently passed, and she needs to get a better;understanding of why the tax law was passed and the intent of the law from an;official authority. Describe what authorities may be especially helpful to;Rebecca and why she can't find many authorities that discuss the new;law.;105.;Lakeisha, a 1st;year staff accountant, was researching a tax issue and found what appears to;be the answer to her question in her introductory tax textbook that she;bought three years ago. She is thrilled because she thought it would take;much longer to find her answer. What type of authority is the textbook? What;are other examples of this type of authorities? Can Lakeisha base her;research conclusion on the textbook or similar authorities? Any suggestions;for Lakeisha?;106.;Kodak is a;beginning tax researcher. He knows that the 1st step of the;research process is to get an understanding of the facts surrounding the;transaction being researched. Describe the two basic types of facts, the;sources of facts for a research project, and any advice that may help;Kodak.


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