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Chapter 02 Tax Compliance, the IRS, and Tax Authorities




Question;107.;Caitlin is a;tax manager for an accounting firm, and Duff is a first year staff;accountant. Describe the differences in the manner in which Caitlin and Duff;may identify research issues and in general how one may identify research;questions.;108.;Lindy, a tax;intern, is beginning her 1st tax research case for her employer.;Her manager has given her a basic understanding of the facts and has;identified the basic research question. Lindy is now ready to begin searching;for relevant tax authorities. Describe the different types of research tools;available to help a tax researcher locate relevant authority and identify;which type may be especially useful for Lindy.;109.;Hong, an;introductory tax student, is beginning his 1st research project.;He has a complete understanding of the relevant facts for his project and has;identified the initial research questions. He is now ready to begin using a;tax service to identify relevant authorities. What are some suggestions for;him on how to use tax services to identify relevant authorities?


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