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Chapter 02 Tax Compliance, the IRS, and Tax Authorities




Question;110.;Mary Ann is;working on a pretty big research project. Her manager has alerted her to the;possibility that some of her research questions are likely to be questions of;fact, whereas others are likely to be questions of law. Explain the;difference between the two types of questions and how this would influence;her research.;111.;Nolene;suspects that one of her new clients may be intentionally underreporting his;taxable income. What are the potential ramifications to her client of this;behavior? What are the consequences to Nolene if she assists the client in;underreporting income? Any advice for Nolene?;112.;Houston has;found conflicting authorities that address a research question for one of his;clients. The majority of the authorities provide a favorable answer for his;client. Nonetheless, there are several authorities that provide an;unfavorable answer. Houston estimates that if the client takes the more;favorable position on its tax return that there is approximately a 60 percent;chance that the position will be sustained upon audit or judicial proceeding.;If the client takes this position on its tax return, will Houston be subject;to penalty? Will the client potentially be subject to penalty?


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