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Chapter 01 Introduction to Corporate Finance




Question;43.;Which form of;business structure faces the greatest agency problems?;A.;sole proprietorship;B.;general partnership;C.;limited partnership;D.;corporation;E.;limited liability company;44.;A proxy fight;occurs when;A.;the board solicits renewal of current members.;B.;a group solicits proxies to replace the board of directors.;C.;a competitor offers to sell their ownership in the firm.;D.;the firm files for bankruptcy.;E.;the firm is declared insolvent.;45.;Which one of;the following parties is considered a stakeholder of a firm?;A.;employee;B.;short-term creditor;C.;long-term creditor;D.;preferred stockholder;E.;common stockholder;46.;Which of the following;are key requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act?;I. Officers of the;corporation must review and sign annual reports.;II. Officers of the;corporation must now own more than 5% of the firm's stock.;III. Annual reports;must list deficiencies in internal controls.;IV. Annual reports;must be filed with the SEC within 30 days of year end.;A.;I only.;B.;II only.;C.;I and III only.;D.;II and III only.;E.;II and IV only.;47.;Insider;trading is;A.;legal.;B.;illegal.;C.;impossible to have in our efficient market.;D.;discouraged, but legal.;E.;list only the securities of the largest firms.;48.;Sole;proprietorships are predominantly started because;A.;they are easily and cheaply setup.;B.;the proprietorship life is limited to the business owner's;life.;C.;all business taxes are paid as individual tax.;D.;All of these.;E.;None of these.


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