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Chapter 01 Introduction to Corporate Finance




Question;55.;The Chief;Executive Officer typically reports to the;A.;Board of Director's;B.;Granting authority;C.;President;D.;CFO;E.;None of these;56.;The cheapest;business to form is typically the;A.;General corporation;B.;Sub-chapter S Corporation;C.;General Partnership;D.;Limited Partnership;E.;Sole proprietorship;57.;In a general;partnership, the general partners have;A.;Limited liability;B.;Unlimited liability;C.;No liability;D.;Minimal liability;E.;It depends on the partners' decision;58.;Managers that;are successful in pursuing stockholder goals can;A.;See very little reward;B.;See no financial gain through raises and bonuses;C.;Never become stockholders;D.;Reap enormous rewards;E.;Start a proxy fight with stockholders


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