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Chapter 01 Management Information Systems: Business Driven MIS




Question;53. How are the majority of companies today typically;organized?;A. By departments or functional areas.;B. By departments or financial areas.;C. By degree or financial areas.;D. All of these.;54. How does the text recommend that a company operate;if it wants to be successful in the information age?;A. Functionally independent between departments.;B. Interdependently between departments.;C. Together as one department with little or no independence.;D. Each department acting as its own individual business unit.;55. Most companies are typically organized by;departments or functional areas. Which of the following is not a common;department found in a company?;A. Accounting.;B. Payroll.;C. Marketing.;D. Human Resources.;56. Which of the following is typically performed by;the sales or marketing department?;A. Manage enterprisewide processes.;B. Maintain employment policies.;C. Manage cross-enterprise processes.;D. Maintain transactional data.;57. The sales department needs to rely on information;from operations to understand _________.;A. Inventory.;B. Customer orders.;C. Demand forecasts.;D. All of these.;58. Which of the following represents the department;that maintains policies, plans, and procedures for the effective management of;employees?;A. Human Resources.;B. Sales.;C. Employee Resources.;D. Employee Relations.;59. Greg works for Geneva Steel Corporation. Greg's;duties include managing the overall processes for the company and transforming;the steel resources into goods. Which department would Greg most likely work;in?;A. Accounting Manager.;B. Operations Manager.;C. Marketing Manager.;D. CIO.


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