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Chapter 01 Management Information Systems: Business Driven MIS




Question;60. Information technology can enable departments to;more efficiently and effectively perform their core _____________.;A. Facts.;B. Feedback mechanisms.;C. Business operations.;D. Media issues.;61. The department within a company that records;measures, and reports monetary transactions is called _______________.;A. Accounting.;B. Marketing.;C. Finance.;D. Operations Management.;62. The department within a company that performs the;function of selling goods or services is called;A. Marketing.;B. Sales.;C. Finance.;D. Operations Management.;63. The department within a company that supports the;sales by planning, pricing, and promoting goods or services is called;A. Sales.;B. Operations Management.;C. Accounting.;D. Marketing.;64. Which of the following represents the relationship;between functional areas in a business?;A. Independent.;B. Autonomous.;C. Interdependent.;D. Self-sufficient.;65. Which of the following statements is true?;A. IT equals business success.;B. IT equals business innovation.;C. IT represents business success and innovation.;D. IT enables business success and innovation.;66. What is the name of a company's internal MIS;department?;A. Management information systems (MIS).;B. Information systems (IS).;C. Information technology (IT).;D. All of these.


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