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Chapter 01 Management Information Systems: Business Driven MIS




Question;67. A system is a collection of parts that link;together to ___________.;A. Monitor the company.;B. Gather experience.;C. Achieve a common purpose.;D. Implement solutions.;68. Which of the following does not offer a good;example of a system?;A. A car.;B. A laptop.;C. The light-rail tram.;D. A pencil.;69. Which four elements are included in systems;thinking?;A. Output, process, feedback, and accounting.;B. Process, output, operations, and accounting.;C. Input, process, output, and feedback.;D. Input, output, sales, and feedback.;70. MIS is a business function, like accounting or;sales, that moves information about people, products, and processes across the company;to facilitate decision making and problem solving. What does MIS stands;for?;A. Management information strategy.;B. Management intelligence system.;C. Management information system.;D. Management information strategist.;71. Shelby Black runs a very successful hair salon in;downtown Los Angeles. One of Shelby's tasks is to input positive and negative;customer reviews into her computer system. What type of information is Shelby;gathering?;A. Feedback.;B. Processing.;C. Output management.;D. Sales processing.;72. Trina Hauger works for Johnson Electric as a;corporate lawyer, and part of her duties are to ensure the ethical and legal;use of information within the company. Which of the following represents;Trina's role at Johnson Electric?;A. Chief knowledge officer (CKO).;B. Chief privacy officer (CPO).;C. Chief technology officer (CTO).;D. Chief information officer (CIO).;73. The challenge that companies today sometimes have;is that they are departmentalized and act independently of each other. One;solution that can help a company work interdepartmentally includes;A. System processes.;B. Human resources.;C. Management information systems.;D. Resource information systems.


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