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Chapter 01 Management Information Systems: Business Driven MIS




Question;74. Susan Stewart is an executive at Equity Title;where she is responsible for collecting, maintaining, and distributing;knowledge for the company. What is Susan's role at Equity Title?;A. Chief knowledge officer (CKO).;B. Chief technology officer (CTO).;C. Chief information officer (CIO).;D. Chief security officer (CSO).;75. What is the primary responsibility of the;CTO?;A. Overseeing all uses of MIS.;B. Ensuring the security of business systems.;C. Ensuring speed, accuracy, and reliability for MIS.;D. Collecting and distributing company information.;76. What is a way of monitoring the entire system in a;company, by viewing the multiple inputs being processed to produce;outputs?;A. Feedback thinking.;B. Systems thinking.;C. Output management.;D. Operational thinking.;77. Jeremy Bridges is an executive for Green Web;Designs, where his primary role is to ensure the security of business systems;and develop strategies to protect the company from online viruses and hackers.;What is Jeremy's role within the company?;A. Chief executive officer (CEO).;B. Chief security officer (CSO).;C. Chief procurement officer (CPO).;D. Chief technology officer (CTO).;78. Feedback is information that returns to its;original transmitter and modifies the transmitter's actions. What would the;original transmitter include?;A. Input, transform, output.;B. Input, transform, outnumber.;C. Output, input, performer.;D. Input, process, transform.;79. MIS is a business function. Which of the following;does MIS perform to help aid the company in decision making and problem;solving?;A. Moves information about people.;B. Moves processes across the company to improve systems.;C. Moves information about products.;D. All of these.;80. A system is a collection of parts that link to;achieve a common purpose. Systems thinking is a way of monitoring;A. The entire system.;B. A division within the sales role.;C. The executive team.;D. The company's competitors.


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