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Chapter 01 Management Information Systems: Business Driven MIS




Question;95. If you were thinking about a home theater system;which of the following represents the feedback?;A. The DVD player, DVD movie, speakers, TV, and electricity.;B. Playing the movie, including the audio, through the speakers and the;video on the TV.;C. A message stating that the disk is dirty and cannot be played.;D. Spinning the disk to play, pause, rewind, or fast forward.;96. Which of the following is not a typical way that a;company would duplicate a competitive advantage?;A. Acquiring the new technology.;B. Copying the business operations.;C. Hiring away key employees.;D. Carrying large product inventories.;97. When a company is the first to market with a;competitive advantage, this is called a first-mover advantage. All of the;following companies were first-movers except ____________.;A. FedEx?the online self service software.;B. Apple?iPad.;C. Apple?iPod.;D. Microsoft?Bing Search Engine.;98. A business strategy achieves a specific set of;goals, which include __________.;A. Developing new products or services, attracting new competition.;B. Increasing costs, attracting new competition.;C. Attracting new customers, developing new products or services.;D. All of these.;99. Competitive intelligence is the process of;gathering information about the competitive environment, including;A. Competitors' employees.;B. Competitors' differentiated processes.;C. Competitors' plans.;D. All of these.;100. Which of the following is a tool a manager can;use to analyze competitive intelligence and identify competitive;advantages?;A. The three generic strategies.;B. The threat of substitute buyer power.;C. Differentiated costs.;D. Supplier loyalty.;101. Identifying competitive advantages can be;difficult and explains why they are typically _______.;A. Temporary.;B. Satisfactory.;C. Terminated.;D. Unsuccessful.


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