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Chapter 01 Management Information Systems: Business Driven MIS




Question;109. Paula Logston is the owner and operator of a;high-end online custom clothing company. Paula has never heard of Porter's Five;Forces Model and she wants to understand why she would perform an analysis;using it. If you were tasked with explaining Porter's Five Forces Model to Paula;what would be the primary reason she would want to use this type of;analysis?;A. To help Paula choose a clothing business focus.;B. To help Paula evaluate the attractiveness of the clothing industry.;C. To help Paula evaluate and execute business goals.;D. All of these.;110. A __________ advantage features a product or;service on which customers place a greater value than they do on similar;offerings from competitors.;A. Competitive advantage;B. Competitor advantage;C. Power advantage;D. First-mover advantage;111. The Victory Wireless store in Denver is currently;offering a fabulous marketing strategy for potential new iPhone customers.;Victory Wireless offers customers who purchase an iPhone with a 2-year;subscription a free Otter phone case, car charger, ear phones, and speakers. In;terms of Porter's five forces, what is Victory Wireless attempting to achieve;with this marketing strategy?;A. Increase buyer power.;B. Increase substitute products.;C. Decrease supplier power.;D. Decrease buyer power.;112. Gina Brooks works for Aquarium Retail Services;selling high-end saltwater fish and tank supplies. Aquarium Retail Services is;the current market leader in Gina's city. Gina has recently been approached by;Deep Blue Incorporated with an opportunity to run its corporate nationwide;marketing and sales division. Gina decides to jump at the opportunity! Deep;Blue is attempting to gain a competitive ________ by stealing its competitor's;key employee.;A. Power;B. Entry Barrier;C. Advantage;D. Loyalty;113. The banking industry has implemented several;competitive advantages, including ATMs, online bill pay services, and;electronic statements. Of course, these competitive advantages were quickly;duplicated by any competitor that wanted to remain in the banking industry.;These were all examples of ___________ competitive advantages.;A. Acquiring new technology products and services.;B. Hiring new employees.;C. Reducing expenses.;D. Gaining invaluable feedback from customers.;114. Michael Porter defined the Five Forces Model and;the potential pressures that can hurt sales. Which of the following is not one;of the potential pressures that can hurt sales?;A. Suppliers can drive down profits by charging more for supplies.;B. New market entrants can steal potential investment capital.;C. Substitute products can steal customers.;D. Competition can steal customers.


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