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Chapter 01 Management Information Systems: Business Driven MIS




Question;150. According to Porter, companies that wish to;dominate broad markets should operate using a ________ strategy.;A. Cost leadership with a low cost.;B. Differentiation with a low cost.;C. Cost leadership with a high cost.;D. All of these.;151. Which of the following demonstrates a company;that has implemented a low-cost, broad-market strategy?;A. Neiman Marcus.;B. Payless Shoes.;C. The Sharper Image.;D. Walmart.;152. If a business is following a focused strategy;then its competitive scope is ________.;A. Broad market.;B. Narrow market.;C. Broad range products.;D. Broad range of services.;153. When applying Porter's three generic strategies;Tiffany & Co. has a competitive scope and cost strategy that is;A. Broad market?high-cost strategy.;B. Narrow market?low-cost strategy.;C. Narrow market?high-cost strategy.;D. Broad market?low-cost strategy.;154. When analyzing the bookstore industry, some of;today's businesses compete with different business strategies and cost;strategies. Which of the following is using a broad market competitive scope;along with a low cost strategy?;A.;B. Any local independent book store that specializes in antique books.;C. Barnes & Noble.;D. Target.;155. Which of the following is similar to focused;strategy versus broad strategy?;A. Large market versus leadership.;B. Large market versus uniqueness.;C. Niche market versus large market.;D. Niche market versus generic.;156. Your boss, Tom Repicci, has asked you to analyze;the airline industry using Porter's three generic strategies. Which of the;following companies are using a cost leadership strategy?;A. Southwest, Horizon, Frontier, JetBlue.;B. British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic.;C. Sky Taxi?a rent-by-the-hour personal plane service.;D. All of these.


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