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Chapter 01 Management Information Systems: Business Driven MIS




Question;164. The goal of value chain analysis is to identify;processes in which the firm can add value for the customer and create a;competitive advantage for itself, with a ________ or ________________.;A. Focused strategy, product differentiation.;B. Focused strategy, cost advantage.;C. Cost advantage, primary value activities.;D. Cost advantage, product differentiation.;165. What are the two main categories in a value chain;analysis?;A. Primary value activities and secondary value activities.;B. Primary value activities and support value activities.;C. Primary value activities and strengthening value activities.;D. None of these.;166. Which of the following is not considered a;category within the primary value activities in a value chain analysis?;A. Inbound logistics.;B. Firm infrastructure.;C. Operations.;D. Service.;167. Which of the following is not considered a;category within the support value activities in a value chain analysis?;A. Technology development.;B. Outbound logistics.;C. Human resource management.;D. Firm infrastructure.;168. What is the support value activity that provides;employees with training, hiring, and compensation?;A. Procurement.;B. Operations resource management.;C. Human resource management.;D. Firm infrastructure.;169. Sandy Fiero works as the chief knowledge officer;for Bend Lumbar Company. She has been given the responsibility to create a;product or service that will bring an added value to its customers to increase;the company's revenue. Sandy determines that the best value she can add is by;creating a service that offers free next-day shipping on any order over $50.;Where in the value chain is Sandy adding value?;A. The primary value activity outbound logistics.;B. The primary value activity inbound logistics.;C. The primary value activity marketing and sales.;D. The primary value activity operations.


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