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Chapter 01 Management Information Systems: Business Driven MIS




Question;176. The core drivers of the information age are data;knowledge, business intelligence, and _____________.;177. Today's workers are commonly referred to as;workers, who use business intelligence along with personal;experience to make decisions.;178. Top managers use __________ intelligence to;define the future of the business, analyzing markets, industries, and;economies.;179. Companies are organized by departments. The;department is responsible for maintaining records, measures, and;reports monetary transactions.;180. The __________ management department in a company;manages the process of converting or transforming of resources into goods or;services.;181. The __________ department tracks strategic;financial issues including money, banking, credit, investments, and;assets.;182. The __________ resources department maintains;policies, plans, and procedures for a company.;183. ____________ is information that returns to its;original transmitter and modifies the transmitter's actions.;184. A __________ is a collection of parts that link;to achieve a common purpose.


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