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Chapter 01 Management Information Systems: Business Driven MIS




Question;185. A __________ strategy is a leadership plan that;achieves a specific set of goals or objectives.;186. The chief information officer is responsible for;overseeing all uses of MIS and ensuring that MIS strategically aligns with;goals and objectives.;187. The chief security officer is responsible for;ensuring the __________ of business systems and developing strategies and;safeguards against attacks by hackers and viruses.;188. Business strategies that match _______ company;competencies to opportunities result in a competitive advantage.;189. Competitive __________ is the process of;gathering information about the competitive environment, including competitors;plans, activities, and products, to improve a company's ability to;succeed.;190. Apple utilized the first-mover ________ with its;iPod product.;191. Michael Porter identified pressures that can hurt;potential sales. Knowledgeable customers can force __________ prices by pitting;rivals against each other.;192. The Porter's Five Forces Model analyzes the;competitive forces within the environment in which a company operates to assess;the potential for __________ in an industry.


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