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Chapter 01 Management Information Systems: Business Driven MIS




Question;193. __________ power measures the ability of buyers;to affect the price they must pay for an item.;194. The threat of substitute products or services is;when there are many alternatives to a product or service and low when;there are few alternatives from which to choose.;195. The __________ chain consists of all parties;involved, directly or indirectly, in obtaining raw materials or a;product.;196. Rivalry among existing competitors is;when competition is fierce in a market and low when competitors are more;complacent.;197. Porter has identified three _________ business;strategies for entering a new market: (1) broad cost leadership, (2) broad;differentiation, and (3) focused strategy.;198. Focused strategies concentrate on either cost;leadership or ___________.;199. Porter suggests adopting only __________ of the;three generic strategies.;200. A __________ chain analysis views a firm as a;series of business processes that each adds value to the product or;service.;201. __________ value activities are found at the;bottom of the value chain and include business processes that acquire raw;materials and manufacture, deliver, market, sell, and provide after-sales;services.;202. ___________ value activities are found along the;top of the value chain and include business processes, such as firm;infrastructure, human resource management, technology development, and;procurement that support the primary value activities.


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