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Chapter 02 Tax Compliance, the IRS, and Tax Authorities




Question;71.;Which of the;following committees typically initiates for tax legislation?;A.;House Ways and Means Committee;B.;Joint Conference Committee;C.;Senate Finance Committee;D.;Senate Tax Committee;E.;None of these.;72.;Edie would;like to better understand a new code section enacted four weeks ago. Which of;the following authorities will help Edie understand the newly enacted code;section?;A.;IRS regulations;B.;U.S. Tax Court cases;C.;Committee reports;D.;IRS revenue rulings;E.;None of these.;73.;If the;President vetoes tax legislation, Congress;A.;cannot override the President's veto.;B.;can override the President's veto with a 50 percent positive;vote in the House and Senate.;C.;can override the President's veto with a 2/3rd;positive vote in the House and Senate.;D.;can override the President's veto with a 75 percent positive;vote in the House and Senate.;E.;None of these.;74.;Jeremy has a;new client. He has identified a research question that relates to a;transaction that the client completed several months ago. This type of;research question will primarily involve;A.;open facts.;B.;new facts.;C.;old facts.;D.;closed facts.;E.;None of these.;75.;In a planning;context;A.;closed facts are preferred to open facts.;B.;new facts are preferred to old facts.;C.;old facts are preferred to new facts.;D.;open facts are preferred to closed facts.;E.;None of these.;76.;Which of the;following types of tax services are arranged by code section?;A.;legal tax service.;B.;annotated tax service.;C.;professional tax service.;D.;topical tax service.;E.;None of these.;77.;Which of the;following is not a common tool used in conducting tax research?;A.;citator.;B.;annotated tax service.;C.;topical tax service.;D.;keyword search.;E.;None of these.


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