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Question;Use the Case Study presented here to answer the questions below. Your responses should demonstrate your understanding of the course content and your analysis and critical thinking, you are not expected to just re-iterate what is in the textbook and the course modules, but to integrate the information and relate it to the Case Study. Answers will be in the form of a list or short answers, as indicated in the questions. Proper APA style must be used for any citations and references that you use. Your submission will be graded on the accuracy of your responses and whether you have appropriately tied your response to the Case Study. Responses that do not mention the Case Study will receive very few points, if any. Each question is worth 10 points.;Case Study;Ellington Galleries, Inc. is a custom framing business with outlets in Maryland, Georgia and New York. Tammy Ellington, the owner, started the business in Maryland with a small shop in a strip mall. With her creative design solutions, her customer base grew quickly and she opened a larger store nearby. Her frame supplier, Macklin Frames, is in Georgia, and during a visit there she became aware of the opportunity to acquire a medium-sized framing store that also does business with her supplier. Using proceeds from her lucrative business, she acquired her second outlet, retaining the employees who had worked there for several years. Tammy orders the special glass for her framed products from Virginia Glass Co., which specializes in light-reflecting museum glass. Recently Tammy opened a framing shop in New York, which is managed by her sister, giving Ellington Galleries a third outlet. Tammy?s business has grown so quickly that she can no longer keep track of things. She now has several employees at the three locations, hundreds of customers, and bills and invoices that she can no longer manage manually.;Rather than stock huge amounts of framing materials and glass, Ellington Galleries orders the frame and glass at the time it receives the customer?s order. So, all of the Galleries need to know what framing styles Macklin Frames has available and at what prices. Since the glass is cut at the manufacturing facility (Virginia Glass), it must be custom ordered and shipped to the appropriate Gallery to be combined with the item to be framed and the frame. Ellington Galleries could reduce its shipping costs on both frames and glass if it combined orders to be shipped to a specific store.;Tammy is sure that she could use information technology solutions to improve management of her business in several ways. She has hired you to lay out some options for her. She has asked for three different areas where IT could be applied and the value that each IT solution would provide her. She has also asked you to suggest which one would be best to start with and why. She has asked for a list of hardware and software that she will need for her office, where she will keep the electronic files for her business. Finally, she wants to know what would need to be done to implement your suggested solution.;1. Identify three areas where IT could be applied to improve management of Ellington Galleries.;a.;b.;c.;2. Explain how a solution to each of the 3 areas above would benefit the Galleries, specifically addressing how it could improve business intelligence (BI) and decision-making and/or overall management of the business.;a.;b.;c. _________________________________________________________;3. Identify which of the three solutions you would suggest be implemented first and explain why you chose that solution over the others.;4. Name five IT best practices and methodologies and briefly explain how they apply to the IT solution named in #3 above.;a.;b.;c.;d.;e.;5. Identify five hardware components that Tammy will need to buy for her main location.;a.;b.;c.;d.;e.;6. Identify five software suites/programs that Tammy will need for her office.;a.;b.;c.;d.;e.;7. Identify three different connectivity requirements ? what locations or businesses need to be connected and for what purpose(s).;a.;b.;c.;8. Do some research and list four software products that Tammy can use to protect her data and her systems. These are to be specific products available in the marketplace, not general types of software.;a.;b.;c.;d.;9. Explain how Tammy could benefit from implementing SCM in her business. Be sure to address the entire supply chain in your response.;10. List five things Tammy would need to add to her system and processes in order to establish a B2C eCommerce capability.;a.;b.;c.;d.;e.


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