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QUIZ-Process capability calculations make little sense if the process:




Question;Quiz;Question 1 (1 point);Process capability calculations make little sense if the;process;Question 1 options;-data were taken over a period of time;-is not in statistical control;-variations are due to special causes;-has control but is not capable;Save;Question 2 (1 point);In a variable sample size situation--such as when the number;of units produced varies--if the sample size in a p-chart increases from 100 to;120, the upper and lower control limits will;Question 2 options;-move farther apart;-move closer together;-remain the same distance apart;-both shift upward;Save;Question 3 (1 point);Twenty samples of size 6 were collected for a variable;measurement. Determine the upper control limit (UCL) and lower control limit;(LCL) for an R-chart if the sum of the sample ranges equals 88.0.;Question 3 options;UCL = 8.8176, LCL = 0.0000;UCL = 9.3016, LCL = 0.3344;UCL = 13.2000, LCL = 0.0000;UCL = 29.3921, LCL = 0.0000;Save;Question 4 (1 point);A(n) _____ is a performance characteristic that is either;present or absent in the product or service under consideration.;Question 4 options;-variable;-control limit;-attribute;-performance range;Save;Question 5 (1 point);Control limits relate to _____, while specification limits;relate to individual measurements.;Question 5 options;-values within the upper and lower control limits;-total values in the range;-median values;-averages of samples;Save;Question 6 (1 point);An alternative to using the R-chart is the;Question 6 options;np-chart;s-chart;c-chart;p-chart;Save;Question 7 (1 point);The sample size for an x-chart;Question 7 options;-should be greater than or equal to 30;-is larger than that for an Xbar-chart;-is equal to one;-depends on the number of measurements taken;Save;Question 8 (1 point);Which of the following is NOT an indication of an;out-of-control process?;Question 8 options;-Five consecutive points fall on one side of the center line;-Four of five consecutive points fall within the outer;two-thirds region between the center line and one of the control limits;-Two of three consecutive points fall in the outer one-third;region between the center line and one of the control limits;-A single point falls above the upper control limit;Save;Question 9 (1 point);A precision parts manufacturer produces bolts for use in;military aircraft. The specifications for bolt length are 37.50 ? 0.25 cm. The;company has established an Xbar-chart and an R-chart using samples of size;five. The centerlines for the Xbar-chart and R-chart are set at 37.65 cm and;1.03 cm, respectively. What is the value of Cpk for this process?;Question 9 options;0.08;0.28;0.75;0.03;Save;Question 10 (1 point);Short repeated patterns in a control chart, with alternating;high peaks and low valleys, are known as;Question 10 options;-trends;-cycles;-spikes;-reciprocals;Save;Question 11 (1 point);Which of the following pairs of charts are used together?;Question 11 options;Xbar-chart and p-chart;R-chart and p-chart;R-chart and s-chart;Xbar-chart and R-chart;Save;Question 12 (1 point);In pre-control, which zone covers the nominal dimension?;Question 12 options;-Gray zone;-Yellow zone;-Red zone;-Green zone;Save;Question 13 (1 point);Statistical process control relies on _____.;Question 13 options;-capability models;-variance analyses;-control charts;-conformance reports;Save;Question 14 (1 point);Which of the following charts is used to monitor the total;number of defects per unit when a constant subgroup size is employed?;Question 14 options;s-chart;c-chart;p-chart;u-chart;Save;Question 15 (1 point);Collecting _____ data is usually easier than collecting;data because the assessment can usually be done more quickly by a simple;inspection or count.;Question 15 options;-attribute, variable;-concrete, continuous;-random, discrete;-simple, continuous;Save;Question 16 (1 point);When using a control chart -- one rule of thumb is to have a;minimum of 25 data points--preferable 40 or more.;Question 16 options;True;False;Save;Question 17 (1 point);When the R-chart is not in control (has a signal), you;should not investigate signals found in the related Xbar chart.;Question 17 options;True;False;Save;Question 18 (1 point);Before control charts can be used to identify the presence;of special causes on line, the process must be brought into a state of;statistical control, that is, the data used to establish the charts and define;the control limits must be subject only to a constant system of common causes.;Question 18 options;True;False;Save;Question 19 (1 point);A scatter diagram can help identify possible relationship;patterns and the dispersion around those patterns;Question 19 options;True;False;Save;Question 20 (1 point);A flow chart can help document the product stream (rational;ample) associated with the data plotted in a control chart.;Question 20 options;True;False;Save;="msonormal">


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