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Why is building a system a form of organizational problem-solving.....




Question;TO DO: Please review Ch 12 (in Essentials11/e) - OR - Ch 13-14 (comparable chapters in MIS13/e)Answer ALL 5 questions in 3 or more full sentences each with details and specific examples. For examples, you can use the company/org. you are writing about in your Project Report, or the FHDA Tech Plan from Discussions, or the company/org where you work or have had experience with.Please number Q & write just your answers:1. Why is building a system a form of organizational problem-solving?2. How much does project management impact the success of a new information system?3. Why is it so important to understand how a business process works when trying to develop a new information system?4. Discuss the role of business end users and info. systems professionals in developing a system solution for your company/organization. How do both roles differ when the solution is developed using prototyping or end-user development?5. It has been said that systems fail when systems builders ignore 'people' problems. Why might this be so? Give specific examples.


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