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Some economists and legislators argue that there is no unemployment problem (per se) in the United




Question;Some economists and legislators argue;that there is no unemployment problem (per se) in the United States or Europe.;Globalization, in which U.S. firms close their American factories and create;factories, call centers, and other facilities in other countries, would seem to;support the "no such thing as unemployment" hypothesis. The same;argument can be made for airline machinists or General Motors autoworkers who;refuse to lower their wages and benefits at the risk of losing their jobs.;How might the economists or legislators come to the conclusion that;there is no unemployment problem?;What data or evidence would seem to support this position?;What evidence or data would suggest otherwise?;In your opinion, is the statement "There is no unemployment problem;(per se) in the United States or Europe" a plausible hypothesis?


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