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this is for western civilization out of the book the making of the west people and cultures




Question;this is for western civilization out of the book the making of the west people and culturesthis will need to be in MLA. 800 wordsFrom what we have covered in this course and from your perspective, identify two primary/literary works that had a profound political, economic, and/or cultural impact on Western society during the periods studied. Discuss the major contributions/influences of these works. See essay rubric for details on how you will be assessed on this writing assignmentthe periods studied is 4000BCE-1492ADI am unsure what types of literary work that is what is requested.please follow this rubics below.I have the rubics outline attached.Civ ilizat ion I;I I Essay Ru b r ic;2 -;CATEGORY;1 - Below Standards;Approaching;Standards;3 - Meets Standards;4 - Above Standards;Score;CRI TI CAL RESPONSE;Thesis Statem ent;No;discernible thesis;Thesis;indicates som e;Clear thesis;addressing;Well;developed thesis;and/ or;serious;aspect of;the topic, more;the;topic.;directly;addressing the;misunderstanding;of the;of a;restatement than any;topic.;topic.;new point;about the topic.;Analysis of the;Topic;Descriptive;rather than;Analysis;of the topic;Good;analysis of the topic;Persuasive;analysis of the;analytical;marginally;addressing;most parts of;addressing;m ost parts of;topic;addressing all parts;related;to the topic;the topic;analysis;the;topic, analysis;of the;topic, analysis;signficant;logical gaps.;adequate;but unevenly;demonstrates;demonstrates;thorough;developed.;understanding;of all sides;understanding;of all sides;of a;question though may;of a;question.;be;unevenly developed.;CONTENT;Historical I ssues;Little;grasp of the general;Some;grasp of general;Good;grasp of the general;Thorough;grasp of the;historical;issues raised by;historical;issues raised by;historical;issues raised by;general;historical issues;the;topic.;the;topic, though some;the;topic.;raised by;the topic.;significant;issues may be;omitted.;Evidence and Exam;ples;Few and/;or erroneous;Some;specific examples;Several;specific exam ples;Numerous;specifc;specific;examples (1 or;dem;onstrate (at least 2);demonstrate;(m ore than;exam;ples demonstrate;less);demonstrate little;knowledge;of relevant;2);knowledge about the;detailed;knowledge of the;knowledge;of the relevant;history;or literature, some;relevant;history or;relevant;history or;history;or literary source;clearly;relevant exam ples;literature.;literature.;material.;omitted.;ORGANI ZATI ON;Sequencing of I deas;Poorly;organized, no clear;Contains;at least two of;Well;organized, with an;Extrem;ely well organized;introduction;argument or;the;following;introduction;argument;with a;clear introduction;conclusion.;introduction;argument;and conclusion.;argum ent;and conclusion.;and;conclusion;Limited;list of sources;organization;may be;may be;present.;som ewhat;unclear.;LANGUAGE USE;Sentence Coherence;Language;Consistent;pattern of;Understandable;but;Clearly;written in;Well-;written in;Use;grammatical;errors/ and;contains;numerous;appropriate;standard;appropriate;standard;or;inappropriate;gramm;atical errors or;English;some;English;few gramm atical;colloquialism;s.;colloquialisms.;grammatical;errors or;errors or;colloquialisms;colloquialism;s m ay;rem ain;due to time;remain;due to time;constraints.;constraints.;Date Created: Ju n e;1 3, 2 0 1 1;# DI V/ 0!;Date Revised: Feb r;u ar y 0 1, 2 0 1 3;4= A (100- 90), 3= B;(89- 80), 2= C (79- 70), 1= D (69- 60), 0= F (59 or less)


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