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Queen Mary, University of London ECN302 Assignment - Ford Business Report




Question;TO DO:Read the Case Study on Ford and the World Automobile Industry in 2012 in Grant,Robert M. (2012) Cases to Accompany Contemporary Strategy Analysis, 8th ed., Wiley,Case 5.The former President and CEO of the Ford Motor Company, Alan Mulally, has recentlyretired after almost 8 years in the role. Your task is to write a business report to the newPresident and CEO, Mark Fields, to assess the competitive pressures in the industry and toassess how and where the Ford Motor Company should position itself to compete overthe next 5 years.Maximum Word Limit = 2,500 wordsQueen Mary, University of London, 20141ECN302 Corporate StrategyCoursework AssignmentHOW SHOULD A BUSINESS REPORT BE STRUCTURED?Title PageExecutive SummarySimilar to an abstract. Provides non-technical summary ofreport and its key findings. Often in bullet point form.Contents PageIntroductionWhy is report being written?Main Body of ReportContains details of research / findings.Use headings and sub-headings to reflect the contents ofeach section. Use diagrams, tables, graphs etc. to impartinformation (these should not be used anywhere else in thereport, except the appendix).ConclusionSummarise report findings.RecommendationsSuggest solutions, ideas or recommendations based onreport findings.ReferencesAppendixA GUIDE FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT:Title PageExecutive SummaryKeep this short (max 100 words). Use bullet points.Contents PageIntroductionWhy is report being written? Again keep this very short (max200 words).Main Body of ReportAnalysis of main topics. Remember to use headings andsubheadings to organise your work, and diagrams etc. whereappropriate. (1,300 1,800 words).ConclusionBriefly summarise report findings (max 200 words).RecommendationsBriefly suggest solutions, ideas or recommendations for theFord Motor Company based on report findings (max 200words).ReferencesAppendix


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