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Hi I need assistance in reviewing and completing t...




Hi I need assistance in reviewing and completing the attached assignment. There are 2 parts to this assignment - Please observe the 2 tabs in excel.,I look forward to your response. Please, let me know also why there was an increase in the fee. Thank you!,Observation: Please note that for Part 1 the cells highlighted in green need the correction, and Part 2 needs to be answered. Thank you!,Hi let me know when ready to take the assignment. Thank you!,ATTENTION!!! The exercises on PART 2 have changed. I will resubmit the assignment for PART 2. Thank you!!!,Hi Here is the revised homework with the new PART 2. I need a revision on PART 1 and the work on PART 2. Thank you!,1. Thank you for taking this assignment. I look forward to your solutions. 2. Please, let me know why there has been an increase in the fee? 3. For the next assignment, if possible, you and I need to schedule a day and time, preferrably on the weekend. The upcoming assignment has a time limit (3 hours) and I need to start with you at a certain time. Once I open the assignment it begins to count the time. Please, let me know. Thank you!,Hi: What I meant to say is that the minimum amount changed quiet a bit from the previous assignment to this one. I imagine it is the way the website is set up. In addition, please let me know if for the upcoming assignment we can set up a day/time to meet as I indicated before. Thank you!,Hi! You have completed PART 2 of the assignment but not PART 1. Please, revise my answers on PART 1 I know there are erros in the (green) highlighted area. I need this completed. Thank you!


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