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"Your assignment is to value two (2) call options,...




"Your assignment is to value two (2) call options, using two (2) different standardized calculators, and/ or pricing programs. Some places to look for pricing models are 888Options, Yahoo! Finance and other online finance sites. two DIFFERENT pricing models are required. You must reference the sites or sources you found your pricing models. The two calls you are to value are: 1. The May 10 2009 Whole Foods call option (10 is the strike price) 2. The January 10 2010 Whole Foods call option (10 is the strike price) Use a standard deviation of 45 and a risk free rate of 1.25. i can solve these using the black-scholes method. i am unsuccessful using any other method. can you please show me an alternative method to solving this problem and how to get the correct answer?",why are these answers so much different than the value given by the black-scholes method where: may 8 2009 call = 12.38816 and the jan 8 2010 call = 16.8581. my work is in the attached file


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