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ECO - The Conduct of Monetary Policy




Question;The Conduct of Monetary Policy;A);Broadly state;the objectives of monetary policy as set by the US Federal Reserve? How;different are the Feds policy in this regards from those of the Bank of Canada?B);What price index is the US Feds;preferred way to measure inflation? What price index is the Bank of Canada?s;preferred way to measure inflation? C) Compile monthly;data on the preferred inflation rate measures of these two countries as far;back as January 2010 to chart them against their respective central bank?s;target for inflation rate (identified in part (a)).D) Based on the;information deduced from your answer to part (c), has actual inflation rate;overshot or undershot its target rate in each country over this period?E);In light of the;above, what would be your conclusion about the conduct of monetary policy in;each country? Do these central banks seem to have complied with their own rules;of the game? If not what would you recommend they should have done?


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