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Question;Instruction;The dataset is a sample from the 2012 American Community;Survey of men and women ages 25-64 living in New Jersey. I want you to use this;dataset to answer the following questions. You may do your analysis using a;spreadsheet program like Excel.;Each question must submit written report. Reports which;provide only data but no verbal description of the results (see 1.d. and 2);will receive no more than half-credit for the assignment.;1. Female and Male wage and salary income;a. Determine the medianwage and salary income by sex;and then calculate the female to male earnings ratio. Include all individuals;in the dataset.;b. Now determine the median wage and salary income by sex and;female-to-male earnings ratio for full-year, full-time workers. Define;full-year, full-time (FYFT) as having worked 50 or more weeks in the previous;year and having usual hours worked per week of 35 hours or more.;c. Now I want you to examine how the gender gap varies by;other characteristics like race and age. Determine the median wage and salary;income by sex and female-to-male earnings ratio for FYFT workers disaggregated;by;(i) age group: 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64.?(ii) educational;attainment: less than high school, high school graduate, some college but no;degree;bachelor?s degree, and advanced degree.?(iii) marital status;married with spouse present versus single (where single is defined as;separated;divorced, widowed, married but spouse absent, or;never-married). (iv) race: white, black, Asian, and other groups;(v) nativity: foreign-born vs. native-born;d. Write a paragraph describing your findings in part a-c.;What do these data reveal about the gender gap in New Jersey in 2012? I am;interested in learning what you found surprising/notable/intriguing about these;data.;2. Female and Male total family income;a. Determine the mediantotal family incomeby;sex and then calculate the female to male ratio of this variable. Include all;individuals in the dataset.;b. Now determine the median total family income by sex for;married versus single individuals.?c. Write a paragraph describing your;findings in parts a and b compared to your findings for wage and salary income.;3. Identify one research question you would be interested to examine using;these data.?4. Have you identified 2 or 3 classmates with whom to work on the;data project? If so, please provide their names.c. Write a;paragraph describing your findings in parts a and b compared to your findings;for wage and salary income. ="msonormal">3. Identify one;research question you would be interested to examine using these data.="msonormal">


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