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Univ Maryland ECON 430 Fall 2014 QUIZ 3 and Essay Assignment




Question;(Use multiple paragraphs when needed.)#1: Explain Monetarism.#2: What is the Taylor Rule and why is it important to this field of study?#3: What is the Lucas critique?#4 Explain the Gold Exchange System of the Bretton Woods era.#5 What are the short run determinants of exchange rates?#6 What happens when central banks buy international reserves?#7 How has China (purportedly) enhanced her export base?#8 What is dollarization and why is it important to developing countries?#9 Explain Fiscal and Monetary Policy using the IS-LM model.#10 Use the Quantity Theory of Money to explain a macroeconomic case of inflation.Essay Question Keynes;the Keynesians;Keynesian;Economics held sway in many countries for several decades in the 20th century.;It remains influential. The Monetarists, too, have been quite influential per;monetary policy over the past several decades. Which is correct? If you were;the leading banker, which position would you lean towards the most? (Research;is highly encouraged.);Your;primary post should be roughly 400 words and must be properly cited.;Two;replies to the primary posts of others is required to be eligible for passing;credit.;Please;post your Primary Essay by midnight SATURDAY to encourage discussion.M1, M2;10-Year Treasury Note Yield Exercise:You will;need to track M1 and M2 from the Federal Reserve website and submit a chart for;eachon the;last day of week 6.For the;10-Year Treasury Note yield (in percentages), you will need to track this using;the Wall Street Journal's website,, or (these;sites are available through the UMUC library).You will;be responsible for providing a trend analysis of your findings in at least a;paragraph that accompanies each of your three charts.;Please;provide at least THREE weeks of data (weeks 4-5-6 of the class should suffice);in your report.="msonormal">


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