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Question;week 3 Homework;Question: Antitrust Practices and Market Power;Research authoritative articles using the news and the DeVry Online Library (;for a recent case of antitrust investigation. You are free to choose a;case from any industry and any part of the world. Based on the case you;have selected, answer the following questions.;Why was/were the firm(s) investigated for antitrust behavior?;Identify some of the costs (pecuniary and nonpecuniary) associated;with the antitrust behavior (firms having power in the market).;Additionally, note the specific antitrust act (Sherman Act, Clayton Act;etc.) under which the violation was investigated.;Given your research and findings, are monopolies and oligopolies;(firms demonstrating power) always bad for society? Be sure to provide;real world examples of where this may be the case to strengthen your;position.;Provide at least one example of a case where having a monopoly or oligopoly may actually benefit the society.;Based on your findings to the questions listed above, write a report with a minimum of 300 words in essay format in APA style (use the APA template;in Doc Sharing), using correct economic terms covered in the;discussions. If you ONLY write 300 words, you probably won?t be able to;fully answer the questions.;Key concepts to include in your paper include the following.;Monopoly Market Structure;Oligopoly Market Structure;Barriers to Entry Into the Market;Natural Monopoly;Government Monopoly;Downward Sloping Demand Curve;Economies of Scale;Price Fixing;Collusion;Monopoly Pricing;Price Maker;Market Power;Economic Profits;Imperfect Competition;Rent-Seeking Behavior;X-Inefficiency;Deadweight Loss to Society;Marginal Cost;Marginal Revenue;Antitrust;You must use at minimum at least one article from the DeVry Online;Library. Note: Although your textbook is a good source of knowledge, it;is NOT an article and cannot be the only sourcefor;the assignment. Cite all your references in APA format. You can use the;Citations & Bibliography function of Microsoft Word, which is found;under the References tab.;Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the;top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read theseHomework 6Question: What is the;current macroeconomic situation" in the U.S. (e.g. is the U.S. economy;currently concerned about unemployment, inflation, recession, etc.)?;What fiscal policies and monetary policies would be appropriate at this;time?1. Write your individual answers to the;questions listed above together in essay format (minumum of 300 words;combined in APA style), using correct economic terms covered in the;discussions.If you only write 300 words, you probably;won't be able to fully answer the questions. Use the APA Template in Doc;Sharing as a guide. You will also find the grading rubric for this;assignment in Doc Sharing.2. Key concepts to include;in your paper--data trends on unemployment, inflation, GDP growth;expansionary fiscal policy tools, FOMC, easy money policy tools and;other terms from this class.3. You must use at;least one article. Note: The textbook is not an article and cannot be;the only source for the assignments. Use the DeVry Library as a resource;for finding your references.Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page.


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