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Question;discussions1. What is the opportunity cost of taking this course?2. Why is the benefit greater than the cost?After reading the Government Data Releases, please answer the following questions.What has been happening to the real GDP over the past year?According to the CPI release, do we have a serious inflation problem at the current time?unit 3After reading the required chapters for Unit 3, please answer the following question in the discussion board.1. Is it possible that the U.S. economy will, at some point, no longer be the largest and most productive economy in the world?After reading the article on Productivity Growth, please answer the following question posted in the discussion board.2. What do the authors think is the primary reason for the increase in productivity growth after 1995?unit 4One of the responses to the current economic problems has been to extend the duration of unemployment compensation. Is this a wise move?unit 5Are you as an individual better or worse off as a consequence of inflation?unit 6Do you think the current imbalance between our exports and imports, with imports significantly greater than exports, a good or bad condition?unit 7Are you in favor of all the "bailouts" ? of banks, home-owners, auto firms ? that are being pursued in order to fix the economy?unit 8Do you think it is appropriate for the Obama administration to be running such a large federal deficit?


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