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Question;?;Question 1;0 out of 4 points;A student might describe information about the;costs of production as;?;Question 2;4 out of 4 points;To an economist, the field of industrial;organization answers which of the following questions?;?;Question 3;4 out of 4 points;Economists assume that the typical person who;starts her own business does so with the intention of;?;Question 4;4 out of 4 points;How long does it take a firm to go from the short;run to the long run?;?;Question 5;4 out of 4 points;When a firm experiences constant returns to;scale;?;Question 6;4 out of 4 points;When a firm experiences diseconomies of scale;?;Question 7;4 out of 4 points;A key characteristic of a competitive market is;that;?;Question 8;4 out of 4 points;In a competitive market;?;Question 9;4 out of 4 points;Which of the following firms is the closest to;being a perfectly competitive firm?;?;Question 10;4 out of 4 points;For a competitive firm;?;Question 11;4 out of 4 points;Economists assume that monopolists behave as;?;Question 12;4 out of 4 points;Deadweight loss;?;Question 13;4 out of 4 points;Which of the following pairs illustrates the two;extreme examples of market structures?;?;Question 14;4 out of 4 points;The general term for market structures that fall;somewhere between monopoly and perfect competition is;?;Question 15;4 out of 4 points;Monopolistic competition is characterized by;which of the following attributes?;(i);free entry;(ii);product differentiation;(iii);many sellers;?;Question 16;4 out of 4 points;In a monopolistically competitive market;?;Question 17;4 out of 4 points;In monopolistic competition as well as in;monopoly;?;Question 18;4 out of 4 points;A firm in a monopolistically competitive market;faces a;?;Question 19;4 out of 4 points;The theory of oligopoly provides another reason;that free trade can benefit all countries because;?;Question 20;4 out of 4 points;The likely outcome of the standard prisoners;dilemma game is that;?;Question 21;4 out of 4 points;In a game, a dominant strategy is;?;Question 22;4 out of 4 points;Because a firm's demand for a factor of;production is derived from its decision to supply a good in the market, it is;called a;?;Question 23;4 out of 4 points;The purchase price of capital is;?;Question 24;4 out of 4 points;Which of the following accurately describes how;earnings from capital eventually get paid to households?;?;Question 25;4 out of 4 points;Labor-market discrimination is evident when


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