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Question;unit 1 disscussionsIn your opinion should our government impose price floors and/or price ceilings in our economy? Do they do more harm than good?Do you feel there is an excessive amount of regulation in our economy in general? Why or why notunit 2 dissDo you feel we are overtaxed in our economy? Why or Why not?Do we have too many imported goods in our economy? Why or Why notunit 31. Give two examples of externalities that you encounter in your life. What is the hidden cost associated with the externality? How would your capture that cost?2. Provide an example of a public good. Is a government provided service necessarily a public good?3. If we reform the tax code, should there be a consumption tax rather than an income tax? Why or what not? What are the two sides to a consumption tax?unit 4Give an example of an externality (positive or negative) that you have experienced and a benefit from a public good.unit 5The four model markets are:1. Competitive Market-e.2. Monopoly Market-3. Oligopoly Market4 Monopolistic Competitionwhich one is best and which one is worstunit 6Do you feel you are fairly compensated for the work you do?Do you feel there are any imbalances to our wage structure in our economy?Questionunit 7In your opinion, do you feel education is important in getting a better job and earning more money. Why or why not?Do you believe there are opportunity costs to furthering your education? If so, what are they? If not, why?unit 8discussions


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