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Four Economics MCQs with Workings




Question;1. If a firm is selling a product in two markets, A and B, and the marginal revenue in A is $25 and the marginal revenue in B is $20, the firm should a. charge a higher price in A where MR is higherb. charge a lower price in B where MR is lowerc. sell more in B and less in Ad. sell more in A and less in B2. The wildTime Bar offers female patrons a lower price for a during that male patrons. The bar will maximize profit by selling a total of 200 drinks per night. At the current price prices male customers buy 150 drinks, while female customers buy 50 drinks. The marginal revenue from the last drink sold to a male customer is $1.50, and while teh marginal revenue form the last marginal revenue from the last drink sold to a female customer is $0.50a. should lower the price for male customers and rasise the price for female customers.b. should lower the price for female customers and raise the price for male customersc. should charge the same price regardless of gender d. is maximinzing profit, should keep selling $150 drinks to male customers and 50 drinks to female customers.3. Mega Media Cable Scenario: Mega Media Cable TV is able to purchase an exclusive right to sell a premium sport channel in its market area. Let's assume that Mega Media pays $100,000 a year for the exclusive marketing rights to the sport channel. Since Mega Media has already installed cable to all of th homes in its market area, the marginal cost of delivering th sport channel to subscriber to Zero. The manager of Mega Media needs to know what price to charge for the sports channel service to maximize her profit. Before setting price, she hires an economist to estimate demand for the sport channel. The economist discovers that there are two types of subscribers who value premium sporting channels.First are the 3,000 die-hard spots fan who will pay as much as $150 a year for the new channel. Second, the premium sports channel will appeal to about 20,000 occasional sports viewers who will pay as muchas $25 a year for a subscription to it.a. price = $25, profit= $475,000b. price= $25, profit=$350,000c. price= $150, profit= $500,000d. price= $150, profit = $400,0004. Refer to the Mega Media Cable Scenario: If Mega Media Cable TV is able to price discriminate, what woudl be the maximum amount of profit it could generate?a. $950,000b. $850,000c. $400,000d. 350,000


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