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Econ 301 Problem Set #1 Fall 2013 (Intermediate Microeconomics)




Question;1. Budget constraintsa. Selma Bouvier consumes two goods: martinis, which cost $5, and packs of cigarettes, whichcost $10. Working at the Springfield DMV, she earns an income of $30. Putting martinis(M) on the y-axis and cigarettes (C) on the x-axis, graph Selmas budget constraint. Indicatethe two intercepts of the budget constraint and the slope.MCb. Suppose the Springfield DMV gives Selma a raise, bringing her income to $40. Draw thenew budget constraint on the graph above, and once again indicate the two intercepts of thebudget constraint and the slope.22. Budget constraintsa. Prof. Nesson consumes two goods: healthcare (H) and everything else (E). He has $80 aweek to spend on these two things. Healthcare costs $10 per unit and everything else costs$10 per uniti. Write down Prof Nessons budget equation:ii. If Prof. Nesson spends all his income on either healthcare or everything else, howmuch of each could he buy?iii. Draw Prof. Nessons budget constraint. Put healthcare on the y-axis and everythingelse on the x-axisiv. What is the slope of the budget constraint?HE3b. Now suppose the price of healthcare rises to $20 per unit while everything else is constant.i. Write down Prof. Nessons new budget equation.ii. Draw Prof. Nessons new budget constraint on the graph above (make sure todistinguish it from the budget constraint in (a).c. Continuing with the prices in (a), Prof. Nesson develops a serious medical condition and willdie if he does not consume at least one unit of healthcare. Indicate Prof. Nessons budgetconstraint and shade in the budget set (collection of all feasible consumption bundles)HE43. Budget Constraint: Odd PricesProf. Nesson consumes two commodities, recycled aluminum cans and Rush albums. He consumesaluminum cans because people pay him $5 to store each pound, and Rush albums cost him $10 each.He has no other income aside from the cans.a. If Prof. Nesson stores no cans, how many Rush albums can he purchase?b. If Prof. Nesson stores ten pounds of cans how many Rush albums can he purchase?c. Write Prof. Nessons budget equation:d. Sadly, Prof. Nesson moves to a small house and can only 8 lbs of cans. On the graph below,draw Prof. Nessons budget constraint and shade in his budget set (all the affordable bundles)


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