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Dear Tutor, I downloaded the solution of the problem for CBA. Please explain step by step how did u get the mathematics since I'm getting different values. to clarify: from the assignment I tried to do step by step analysis of the payments to FT employees: 12$ x 40wk x 4 = 1920$ According the assignment: 12$ x 40 x 4 = 2240$ (I don't know from where?) Total costs 5 FT employees = 12 544 (including fringe), divided by 5 = 2508.8 and this amount - fringe(1344/5) 268.8 = 2240$. My question is from where? I'm getting 1920. Now please do step by step with your solution: 5 x 3 hours over time per employee (daily) x 4 weeks = $5400 (at $12 per hor). According me it should be 55hr (40hr+5x3)x5 employees x 4 weeks x 12$/hr = 2640$ not 5400$. From where? What do I'm missing here? please put this step by step with explanation and I would aso I can calculate the part time (2000$ according your solution). Thanks a lot.,Dear Tutor, Send me the complete answer to this this assignment: Proposal for New Employee Scenario: You are the Senior Supervisor for the Admissions Department of Valleybrook Hospital, a 500-bed hospital full service health care facility. In the past three years, admissions at Valleybrook have increased an average of 15% per year. Up to now, the admissions staff members have filed their own information but increases in admissions, filing is backing up. Observing this, you need to prepare a justification proposal for a part-time filing clerk. Use the information below, Figure 16-9 (page 577) and Table 16- 2 (p. 578) from the course textbook to calculate a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA). Prepare the proposal using the CBA template including thorough justification and the CBA you have configured and submit it through the Dropbox. Facts: ? Currently have 5 full-time admissions clerks at $12 per hour or $12, 544.00 monthly cost (including $1344 fringe costs). The admissions clerks are so busy with admissions and paperwork related to admittance that they do not have adequate time to file all their paperwork. ? Part-time filing clerk needed at 20 hours (no fringe) at $10 per hour ? Increase in admissions has increased revenue an average of $300,000 monthly. With expenses factored in, there is a profit for Valleybrook of approximately $100,000 monthly. ? Profit configured conservatively at 5% increase, Valleybrook would still realize a clear profit of approximately $30,000 monthly. Option 1: Existing admissions clerks can work overtime. Each clerk will work 3 hours overtime each week. Option 2: Hire a part-time filing clerk.


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