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Oh No!, Inc., sells three models of radar detector units




Question;8) Oh No!, Inc., sells;three models of radar detector units. It buys the three basic models (E, F, and;G) from a Japanese manufacturer and adds one, two, or four lights (component D);to further differentiate the models. D is bought from a domestic producer.;Lead times are one week for all items;except C, which is two weeks. There are ample supplies of the basic units (E;F, and G) on hand. There are also 10;units of B, 10 units of C, and 25 units of D on hand. Lot-sizing rules are;lot-for-lot ordering for all items except D, which must be ordered in multiples;of 100 units. There is a scheduled receipt of 100 units of D in week 1.;The master schedule calls for 40 units of;A to be produced in week 4, 60 units of B in week 5, and 30 units of C in week;6. Prepare a material requirements plan for D and its parents.;10)Assume that you;are the manager of Assembly, Inc. You have just received an order for 40 units;of an industrial robot, which is to be delivered at the start of week 7 of your;schedule. Using the following information, determine how many units of subassembly;G to order and the timing of those orders, given that subassembly G must be;ordered in multiples of 80 units and all other components are ordered;lot-for-lot. Assume that the components are used only for this particular;robot. Order 160 in wk 2;Robot;B;G;C(3);E;F;G(2);H;12)A firm that produces electric golf carts has just received;an order for 200 carts, which must be ready for delivery at the start of week;8. Information concerning the product structure, lead times, and quantities on;hand is shown in the following table. Use this information to do each of the;following;a. Construct;a product tree.;b. Construct;an assembly time chart.;c. Develop;a material requirements plan that will provide 200 golf carts by week 8;assuming lot-for-lot ordering.;13. Refer to;Problem 12. Assume that unusually mild weather has caused a change in the;quantity and timing of orders for golf carts. The revised plan calls for 100;golf carts at the start of week 6, 100 at the start of week 8, and 100 at the;start of week 9.;a. Develop;a master schedule for this revised plan.;b. Determine;the timing and quantities for orders for tops and bases.;c. Assume;that equipment problems reduce the firm?s capacity for assembling bases to 50;units per week. Revise your material plan for bases to reflect this, but still;meet delivery dates.


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