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Question;Chapter 12: Discussion and;Review Questions: 11, 14, 15, & 16 (p. 542);11. Briefly describe MRP II and;closed-loop MRP.;14. If seasonal variations are present, is;their incorporation into MRP fairly simple or fairly difficult? Explain;briefly.;15. How does the purpose of ERP differ;from the purpose of MRP II?;16. What are some unforeseen costs of ERP?;Chapter 15: Discussion and;Review Questions: 5, 9, & 11 (p. 695);5.;What is the bullwhip effect, and why does it occur? How can it be overcome?;9.;What impact has e-business had on supply chain management?;11.;What are some of the trade-offs that might be factors in designing a supply;chain?


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