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Contrast design capacity and effective capacity




Question;Chapter;5: Discussion and Review Questions: 1, 2, 6, 11, & 15 (p. 208), Problem 13;(p. 210);1. Contrast;design capacity and effective capacity.;2. List and;briefly explain three factors that may inhibit capacity utilization.;6. Why is it;important to adopt a big-picture approach to capacity planning?;15. Why is;capacity planning for services more challenging than it is for goods;production?;13. The;following diagram shows a 4-step process that begins with Operation 1 and ends;with Operation 4. The rates shown in each box represent the effective capacity;of that operation.;a. Determine;the capacity of this process. (11 units/hr);b. Which;action would yield the greatest increase in process capacity: (1) increase the;capacity of Operation 1 by 15 percent, (2) increase the capacity of Operation 2;by 10 percent, or (3) increase the capacity of Operation 3 by 10 percent?


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