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Question;? Elaborate an opinion piece, which defines the ?what if? of a radical change in the marginal cost role in production, by answering the following question:What changes can you envision to the real economy, should Jeremy Rifkin?s (best selling author) vision of a zero marginal cost Society, become reality?The context:? Supply-demand is a key principle in managerial economics as it defines foundations to the understanding of a number of concepts, which shape the strategic position of firms in the microeconomic dimension of the economy.? Marginal cost is a sub-unit of the supply demand principle, can be defined as the ?measurement of the change in cost corresponding to a unit increase in production level?? Marginal cost is also related to the concepts of ?marginal revenue? (defined as the measurement of the change in revenue in response to a unit increase in production level or quantity? and ?marginal profit? (defined as the measurement of the change in profit resulting from a unit increase in quantity)Deliverable:? A 3-page opinion piece providing your view on the above question (minimum 3 pages, maximum 4 pages, inclusive of bibliography) (12 font, double space, APA referenced)


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