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ECO 201 Module 5 Assignment 1




Question;This could be the template of M5A1, Please use it within the APA format and consider the followings:Organization: Introduction, Transitions, and ConclusionUsage and Mechanics: Grammar, Spelling, and Sentence structureAPA Elements: Attribution, Paraphrasing, and QuotationsStyle: Audience and Word ChoiceTurnItIn Rate (if requested)Be organized (by adding each question and it?s answer, separating paragraphs, paging, text size andfont, use bullets and numbering when needed?), avoid spelling and grammar mistakes, use structuressentences and make good conclusions and add references and graph when needed._____________________________________________________Name:Course: ECO201M5 A1Accurately determined the trade balance between China and the U.S. for the most recent five yearperiod.Illustrated the trend over this period with a graph of the data. Cited the source.Researched and analyzed the impact of foreign trade between the two countries and theireconomic growth during this period.Discussed the issues, concerns, and ramifications of the trade balance on China?s economy.Discussed the issues, concerns, and ramifications of the trade balance on the U.S. economy.Compared the impact of trade balance between China and the U.S. for this period.Used appropriate terminologyProvided adequate and appropriate examples and references to justify conclusions. Used a variety of credible texts, Web sites and other references.Discussed the nature and possible future effects upon the U.S. economy.Discussed the ability of the U.S. to sustain growth and development.Justified these conclusions with appropriate data and other resources.Used appropriate terminology.


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