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Two Economic Problems




Question;Question:The total operating revenues of public transportation authority are $100 million while its total operating costs are $120 million. The price of a ride is $1, and the price elasticity of demand for public transportation has been estimated to be -0.4. By law, the public transportation authority must take steps to eliminate its operating deficit. (a) What pricing policy should the transportation authority adopt? (Should the transportation authority increase or decrease the price per ride based on the price elasticity of demand?) (b) What price per ride must the public transportation authority charge to eliminate the deficit if it cannot reduce costs? (Increase the price of a ride from $1 to be $1.50, and 50 percent increase in price. Given the price elasticity of demand of -0.4, calculate the percentage change in the ride and the total new rides with the original rides being 100 million = $100 milion/$1) using equation: point price elasticity of demand = Ep=change in quantity/ change in price times price/quantity. Then use the total new rides time the new price of $1.5 to obtain the new total revenue.Question:An;end-of-sale price promotion changes the price elasticity of a good from -2 to;-3. If the normal price is $10, what should the promotional price be?


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