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Question;The Federal Reserve has used quantitative;easing for the last six years to stabilize and stimulate the economy. While the efforts of the Federal Reserve have;met with mixed success, the distributive impacts of the Fed?s actions are;uneven with certain sectors of the economy receiving the benefits while others;were not affected. Evaluate the economic impacts of the Fed?s;policies across factors such as different income groups, sizes of banks and;businesses, savers versus borrowers, and private versus public entities.;Be clear in your writing and organize your;paper well. Please make sure that you;read and comprehend the Writing Rubric (part of the syllabus) as I will use;this rubric as a guide for evaluating your papers. Remember to submit your paper to the TSU?s;Writing Center and build enough time for receiving feedback and to incorporate;their suggestions in the final version of your paper. The final version of your;paper must be submitted in Turnitin within Blackboard Assignments. It takes time to formulate ideas and express;it in writing, and it is important that you start early. No extensions beyond the stated deadline will;be provided. All the best.


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