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Question;CASE STUDY OF A BANK;(State or National Bank);Visit a Bank of your choice and conduct the;following interview with an official of the institution. Identify yourself and convey to the official;that you are enrolled in a Money and Banking class and this project is part of;your course requirements and the information from the interview will be kept confidential. After completing the interview, write a;report (4-5 pages minimum typed) based on your interview. The following topics are suggested that;should be included in your interview.;1. Name of the bank;Date visited;2. Name of the official;Position/Rank;3. Classification of the Bank: National or State, Unit or independent/branch;4. Balance Sheet of the Bank: Assets Liabilities;5. Types of loans: Amount;Distribution, Interest Rates, Federal funds, Loan/Deposit Ratios, Loan/Asset;Ratio, Delinquency Rates, SBA Loans, FHA Loans, Inter-bank Loans, Loan Loss;Reserves, Capital Requirements.;6. Types of Deposits: Interest;Rates, Service Fees, Distribution of Deposits, CD?s, (Checking, Saving, Time).;7. Examinations: Agency (ies);conducting examination, Frequency of examinations, What is examined? Results and consequences of examinations.;8. Compliance: Federal Reserve;Requirements, National/State regulations, Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer;Protection Act, Community Reinvestment Act (CRA Rating).;9. Securities: Types, proportion/percentage and liquidity. (Treasuries;Municipal);10. Problems: Competition, local;economy, government regulations;employee relations. Asset Management, Liability/Credit;Management. Steps to minimize adverse;selection and Moral Hazard.;11. Community Development: Type;of Involvement, Support, Financial Commitment;Loans;12. General Impressions: Layout;Departments, Functions, Appearance, Attitude, etc. Security (Cyber and Physical).


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