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Ashford University ECO 204 Week 5 Final Paper (2014)




Question;Market;Structures;You have been hired as a;consultant by your local mayor to look at the various market structures. Your;role is to provide analysis and answers to these important questions that will;help the mayor understand the structures of many of the businesses in his city;1. Describe each market;structure discussed in the course (perfect competition, monopolistic;competition, oligopoly, and monopoly) and discuss two of the market characteristics;of each market structure.;2. Identify one;real-life example of a market structure in your local city and relate your;example to each of the characteristics of the market.;3. Describe how high;entry barriers into a market will influence long-run profitability of the;firms.;4. Explain the;competitive pressures that are present in markets with high barriers to entry.;5. Explain the price;elasticity of demand in each market structure and its effect on pricing of its;products in each market.;6. Describe how the role;of the government affects each market structure?s ability to price its;products.;7. Discuss the effect of;international trade on each market structure.;Your paper will need to include a title page, a;reference page, and in-text citations properly formatted according to the APA;style guide. Also, your content should be eight to ten pages, which does not;include your reference or title page. You will need to include at least five;scholarly sources from the Ashford Library in your paper as part of your;research to support your analysis.


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