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Gapenski, L.C. (2008). Cases in healthcare finance (4nd ed.). Chicago: Health Administration Press. Introduction: HCA545, Health Care Finance, addresses financial management concepts and practices and the basic economic models in health care organizations through principles of accounting and finance that have particular relevance to the health care manager. Assessing the financial and managerial situation presented in the two linked case studies, Case 1: Riverview Community Hospital (A) Assessing Hospital Performance, and Case 29: Riverview Community Hospital (B) Financial Forecasting, provides you with an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired through the readings, assignments and discussion topics. The cases give you the opportunity to analyze the impact of managed care on financial performance, better understand the financial pressures that health care organizations face, and the importance of updating financial statements and projections as circumstances change. As in the real world of management, assumptions must be made based on incomplete information. This research project requires you to make educated assumptions upon which to base recommendations. Targeted Challenge: As a major assignment in Healthcare Finance, you are asked to assess the financial and operational performance of Riverview Community Hospital, make assumptions based on the best available information, and prepare and then update a preliminary five-year financial plan. The two cases are comprehensive as they apply to health care finance, including assessing: the hospitals annual economic value added performance impact of cost of capital, managed care reimbursement and the need to revise and update financial projections and plans as situations change. Understanding the components and use of spreadsheets, which are important and frequently used tools in health care management, provides you with important skills required for advancement in this dynamic field. Project Objectives: Describe and articulate the steps to follow in analyzing the financial and operational performance of a complex health care organization. Assess the American Hospital Association?s Critical Financial Indicators, and their use in understanding the financial and operational status of a health care facility. Analyze financial and other indicators, and demonstrate an understanding of how these indicators are used to make assumptions, based on incomplete information, about future performance. Develop and refine a five-year financial plan, with recommendations, for presentation to executive management. Examine the components of various types of spreadsheets, and interpret what they mean in terms of the overall operations and financial stability of a health care organization. Project Criteria You will be completing components of your preliminary five-year financial plan and recommendations for Riverview Community hospital as you move through the course. Each project component will build upon the next, taking into account the literature and application of knowledge presented each week. First, you will review the relevant financial and operational facts contained in each of the cases, how the information is linked, and develop three assumptions regarding Riverview Community Hospital for review and comment. You will then develop an outline of your approach. At this time, you will also develop three initial assumptions for review and comment. You will then complete your outline and assumptions and prepare an annotated bibliography. The following components are the required learning activities that lead to the final five-year financial plan and recommendations for Riverview Community Hospital due Tuesday, Midnight of Week 11. Week 3 - Initial Assumptions. Week 5 - Outline of Approach. Week 8 - Refine Outline, List Assumptions, and Prepare an Annotated Bibliography. Week 11 - Final Financial Plan and Recommendations. Project Process Your Preliminary Five-Year Financial Plan and Recommendations for Riverview Community Hospital should follow the suggested format outlined below. Your completed paper should be 20 to 25 pages in length, including the relevant spreadsheets. Although a suggested format is provided for you, your creativity should not be confined to this structure. Please do not simply fill in the blanks. However, be sure to follow the APA writing guidelines for proper paper and citation format. If you have questions about citations or references, see the APA Style and Formatting Module in the Writing Support Center. For additional help, consult your APA manual, or visit the APA?s website. Title Page. Abstract ? An abstract is a synopsis or executive summary of your paper that also describes the purpose of the paper and what it accomplishes. Introduction ? This is a restatement of your approach and assumptions, the background the reader needs to understand your approach, and how you intend to address the key issues. Financial Analysis ? This section, supported by relevant financial indicators, analysis, and literature sources, provides the reader with an in-depth understanding of the financial health of the organization. Operational Analysis ? This section, supported by relevant operational indicators, analysis, and literature sources, provides the reader with an in-depth understanding of the operational and process issues of the organization. Assumptions ? This section integrates the information from the financial and operational analysis, and makes assumptions about the current and future status of the organization. The rationale and supporting data for each assumption is provided. The presentation should provide the reader with sufficient information to understand and support the assumptions. Preliminary Five Year Financial Plan ? This section presents your best estimate, based on current knowledge and assumptions, of the financial health of the organization over the next five years. The spreadsheets for Case 1 and Case 29 need to be reviewed and expanded over the next five years based on your assumptions. Recommendations ? This section presents the recommendations you are making to the Executive Committee on a future course of action, based on the information you have collected, analyzed, supported, and developed. The recommendations should be clear, understandable, and serve as a guide to management to best position the hospital for continued financial and operational success. Conclusion ? This section summarizes your major findings and recommendations.


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