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Strayer ECO 405 Week 4 Quiz 3 (2014)




Question;For a tax on pollution to be effective, it must be Question 2 Another term for implicit cost is Question 3 Which of the following is a factor leading to pollution? Question 4 Requiring automobiles to pass emissions tests before being allowed on the road is an example of a(n) Question 5 The level of pollution increases when Question 6 The efficient level of pollution is zero only if the Question 7 Marginal private cost (MPC) always includes: Question 8 Costs incurred by the producer to buy or hire resources are called Question 9 Complete elimination of pollution is economically rational when Question 10 If a pollution tax is placed on a firm emitting pollution, the firm will treat pollution, rather than pay the tax, as long as the tax is Question 11 Human production processes do not include which of the following services? Question 12 Which of the following creates a positive externality in production? Question 13 Pollution rights markets Question 14 When the marginal private benefit of an activity does not equal the marginal social benefit, which of the following exists? Question 15 When the marginal private cost of an activity does not equal the marginal social cost, which of the following exists? Question 16 If you are willing to take a pay cut to live near a ski resort, the ski resort provides you with Question 17 If a law is passed making it illegal for unlicensed barbers to cut hair, which of the following will result? Question 18 When an individual receives benefits from a business endeavor in the form of personal satisfaction, the benefits are known as Question 19 The marginal cost of a good is Question 20 Government can effectively remedy the free-rider problem by Question 21 Police officers should be hired up to the point where Question 22 An additional expenditure on crime prevention should be allocated to the activity where Question 23 Which of the following exists when an individual consumes benefits from a public good but does not pay for its cost? Question 24 Which of the following decreases a person's implicit cost of engaging in the illegal production of marijuana? Question 25 Economics explains the decision to participate in criminal activities most often in the case of Question 26 Economic analysis of crime can Question 27 From an economic point of view, crime prevention activities should be expanded to the point at which Question 28 A group project has been assigned and most of the work ends up being produced by only one or two of the group's members. This is an example of Question 29 Arson is an example of a(n) Question 30 Prostitution is an example of a(n)


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